What makes the Gospel unbelievable?

The promises of the Gospel

First and most obvious promise of the Gospel is the certitudine of the forgiveness of sins. For so many people this statement is simply too nice to be true. Take in consideration someone who committed a crime, can he or she be totally forgiven? The answer is yes, but not easy to believe it.

Second promise of the Gospel is the exclusivity of the Gospel of Christ as the Only Way to God. In other words anyone who believes in Jesus Christ gets connected through Him with God the Father, the Creator of the Universe, thus excluding all the other ways or religions, that’s offensive for billions of people from other religions.

The third promise of the Gospel which seems unbelievable for so many people is the promise of eternal life. Who knows what happens after you die? Is any proof of an existing eternity? The Gospel is crystal clear: there an eternity, actually two eternities: a good and a bad eternity.

The forth promise of the Gospel which makes it unbelievable is the promise of God’s judgement. This truth of the Gospel is very uncomfortable for billions of people who live now or ever lived. The Gospel becomes a magnified Good news when you see the consequences of refusing to believe in previous promises.

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